We charge our services according to the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ). The resulting investigation costs are usually taken over by the private health insurance.

In the case of persons insured under statutory health insurance, the costs are generally also covered on application and with the appropriate indication (medical indication).

We will gladly make you a request for reimbursement for the open MRT available. Together with your health insurance you should clarify before the investigation whether the costs are reimbursed in your case.

These important questions have to be considered when applying:

– Do you have claustrophobia?
– Do you have a strong physique?
– Do you have physical limitations?
– Does your child have big fears about an MRI scan?
– Are you limited in age due to your mobility?

Self-payer we gladly send you a quote on request.

Do you have questions about billing or reimbursement? Our team of RUHRRADIOLOGIE Witten is at your disposal.